About Me

Bio Pic 2Do you want to draw closer to Jesus?  Is your relationship with Him the most important part of your life?  Or do you want it to be?

Hi. My name is Desirée Figg and I help people learn to “hear” and “see” Jesus in the world around them.  By discovering God’s language in the every day, we can begin to draw closer to Him.  I want to teach you how.

Before I get to all the whys, wherefores and whats, let me just say that I didn’t get to this place without traveling a rough, winding path.  I’ve failed miserably on so many occasions; I’ve ended up in a deep dark pit way too many times.  But one thing remained constant through all those errors in judgement, through all the stupid choices – and that constant was Jesus.  He alone is my salvation from “me.”  If it weren’t for His unfailing love I’d probably be dead in a ditch.

I’m a Bible teacher, author, poet, dream interpreter and speaker, bringing a message of hope and freedom which comes from discovering identity in Christ and from implementing the truth of God’s Word.  I have been married to my high school sweetheart David for over 40 years and we have one son, Aaron, daughter-in-law, Alicia, and one grandson, Dakota.

Dave and I retired from work-a-day life in 2017 and moved to a rural homestead in Christmas Valley, Oregon where I plan on using the seclusion to work on a long planned book. It’s been on the shelf for many years.  Additionally, I am an accomplished Dollhouse Miniaturist and love to craft tiny things.   I hope to be able to complete my dollhouses in my spare time (is there such a thing?).

Additionally, I’m the Executive Director and Founder of Petition Ministries, Inc., a small non-profit ministry offering hope, healing and closure for those who have come to regret their abortion.  I’ve taught women’s Bible studies for over 35 years and was a lay counselor working with post-abortive women through the Tree of Life Pregnancy Support Center in Atascadero, California for 12 years.  It’s my privilege to serve my Savior and I look forward to participating in His exciting new plan for my life.

My hope for you is that you discover the joy of pausing on this journey of life with me as I find Jesus on the trail.  Here’s to the Trailing Ellipsis Daily Devotional Blog; may Jesus shine through every post!

Always in Jesus,

Desirée Figg

PS. Did I mention, I love Jesus!!